Compositions & Operating Conditions.
Applications & Features
SATIN NICKEL PROCESS Satin Nickel Salt 500-525 g/l Produces a non glaring silky effect the satinising effect can be varied by varying the concentration of additive 239 pH should be increa- -sed only by nickel carbonate minimum time required for satin effect is 5 minutes and can be inc- -reased upto 15 minutes for extra grain size.
  Satin Nickel Additive 35 15-20 ml/l
  Satin Nickel Additive 36 4-6 ml/l
  Satin Nickel Additive 239 0.5-1 ml/l
  pH 4.0-4.4
  Density 31-33 ° BE
  Temperature 50-55 ° C
  Cathode current 4-8 A/dm ²
  Anode current 1-3 A/dm ²
  Cathode rod movement required
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