Compositions & Operating Conditions.
Applications & Features
ELECTROLYTIC CLEANER Brassoclean BC-54 100-120 g/l Heavy duty cathodic alkaline
FOR BRASS Temperature 50-60 ° C cleaner for COPPER ALLOYS.
  Time 1-2 mins. can be used as anodic cleaner
  Current Density 5-10 A/dm ² also does not harm the polished
ELECTROLYTIC CLEANER Zinco Clean 60-70 g/l Light electro cleaner (cathodic)
FOR ZINC/ALUMINIUM Temperature 40-50 ° C for zinc base die casting and alu-
  Time 1-2 mins. -minium does not harm the zinc .
  Current Density 2.5-5 A/dm ² surface
ELECTROLYTIC CLEANER Ferro Clean 100-125 g/l Heavy duty cleaner for ferrous
FOR FERROUS METALS Temperature 50-60 ° C metals removes oil, grease &
  Time 2-3 mins. rust can be used as anodic
  Current Density 5-10 A/dm ² cleaner also.
ACID CLEANER FOR- Concentration 80-100 ml/l Removes oxide film from cu &
-COPPER & COPPER ALLOYS Temperature Room cu alloys, as well as cleans the
  Time 1-2 mins. surface
POLISH FOR BRASS Brass Dip Polish BP-99 Ready to use Bright polish for intricated
  Temperature Room shaped copper and copper alloys.
  Time 10-20 sec. does not attack the base metal
      polishes the suraface & produces
      a glossy finish.
CUTTING POLISH FOR Brass Cutting Polish 50-100 ml/ltr. Fine cutting action on brass
BRASS Hydrogen Peroxide (35%) 150 ml/ltr. removes burrs & scratches.
  Temperature 30-40 ° C polishes the surface. A dip in 5%
  Time 1-10 mins. sulphuric acid is used after brass
      cutting polish to remove the
      oxide film.