Anti Tarnish

Process Applications & Features
SILVER EX – AG A solvent free emulsion antitarnish for silver deposits that does not contain halogeneted hydrocarbon solvents and is used as a dip process
SILCHROMATE A chrome based electrolytic passivation for silver plated articles that produces a very long life, is economical and most suitable for electronics /electrical industry
Process Applications & Features
AQUA PREP 1002 An anti corrosive dip coating that produces a grey-ish coating on steel to protect steel articles from rusting
TIN ANTI TARNISH A water dilutable coating to improve the anti tarnish effect of freshly tin plated articles
COPPER ANTI TARNISH CU – 100 Water dilutable anti tarnish coating for freshly plated copper components from cyanide / alkaline or acid copper baths
CHROME PASS Electrolytic water dilutable chrome based anti tarnish coating for freshly plated bronze, brass and copper articles before electrophoretic coatings