Chrome Plating Process

Process Applications & Features
MICRO CRACK CHROME PROCESS A brillant decorative process which provides an excellent blue coloured chrome coverage and 1000 micro cracks / cm. Highly ecient bath suitable for plating on sanitary fittings, ABS & other decorative items. A highly corrosion resistant plating
HT CHROME PROCESS A brilliant high throw process offered with an organic catalyst system. The bath provides an excellent chrome coverage with blue colour. Can achieve higher microns as the catalyst system helps to increase throwing power and can be worked at higher current density
Process Applications & Features
HIGH EFFICIENCY HARD CHROME PROCESS Fluoride- free catalyst system with high bath eciency (24%). The HEHC hard chrome salt does etch the base substrate, has the ability to reduce burning at high current area even at current densities upto 60 A/dm2
HEHC HARD CHROME CATALYST Unique single catalyst allows for extremely high gloss, improves eciency further, increases hardness upto 1100 vickers and increases microcracks