Dip Polish

ProcessApplications & Features
BRASS AND COPPER DIP POLISH BP – 99Ready to use ultra bright polish for intricated shaped copper and copper alloys that does not attack the base metal, polishes the surface & produces a bright finish
BRASS MATT POLISHFine cutting activity on copper and its alloys to give a uniform matt, nanometre scale granular surface. A dip in 5% sulphuric acid is utilized after clean to eliminate the oxide film
BRASS AND COPPER DIP POLISH BP-66Exceptionally brilliant clean can be accomplished on little metal parts, accomplished by using hydrogen peroxide in 1:4 ratio. Especially appropriate for parts to be barrel plated. An earthy colored oxide film will be framed on parts and can be taken out by flushing in 5% sulfuric acid
BRIGHT ZINC POLISH ZP- 150Splendid clean for intricated molded zinc articles. Doesn’t attack the base metal, cleans the surface and produces a lustrous completion