Process For Aluminium

ProcessApplications & Features
ALBOND DIP – ENPEC’s non cyanide based zincate coating on aluminium is
easy to operate and is highly utilized by customers for
subsequent electroless nickel plating
ALBOND DIP – CCopper based zincate coating offers supreme adhesion on
aluminium and aluminium alloys, is super stable, has very little
consumption and can be utilized on aluminium cast products
ALBOND DIP AL – 44Our cyanide based zincate coating on aluminium adheres
very well on high silicate alloys of aluminium, contains
minimum quantity of cyanide and can be used for barrel
plated components
ALUMINIUM MATTDip coating solution that produces an excellent white matt
finish on aluminium.
ALUMINIUM MICRO ETCHINGA customized microetching solution that creates micron
sized pores for better adhesion of albond dips