Top Coats

ProcessApplications & Features
PROTECT – 18Solvent based, transparent lacquer system to provide tough
and durable organic coatings that can be used on silver, brass,
tin, copper and nickel free plated articles offering an SST of
more than 400 hrs
TUFF COAT AQUA – CLEARWater soluble lacquer coating that provides extremely high
corrosion resistance, a clear transparent coating with SST of
over 144 hours
PROTECT – 20 BLACKSolvent based black lacquer system to produce a bright dark
black organic coating for black colour and SST enhancement
for a service life of more than 200 hours
TUFF COAT AQUA – BLACKA range of post passivation black sealer processes to achieve
an appealing attractive finish on passivated zinc plated articles
NANO CLEAR TOP COATAn inorganic / organic clear top coat with supreme adhesion
to all substrates gives a clear glossy hard film suitable for zinc
plated components
AQUA CLEAR ACRWater based organic clear top coat highly suitable for copper,
nickel, zinc, silver, gold, tin, brass plated articles to improve
corrosion resistance
AQUA GUARD HG – 9000Clear glossy water based top coat with very high corrosion
resistance which can be used on any substrate
STAR LUBE 690An oil based emulsion most suitable for pipes and hollow
items to improve internal corrosion resistance
POST DIP BLACK STABILIZERUser friendly stabilization of black passivations to improve
salt spray life and enhance gloss
TOP COAT SP – 300An economical organic / inorganic clear top coat for
galvanized and zinc plated parts